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Gst Advisory

Conducting a study to determine the extent of impact that the various changes being contemplated in the Goods and Service Tax regulations, could have on the various aspects of the business/organization pursuant to the transition from the existing tax regime to GST and advising on the possible strategies that would be required to be adopted to enable minimal effect of such impact.

  • This Exercise could broadly cover the following aspects:
  • Impact study of GST on business
  • Review of the existing level of compliance, documentation and accounts function with a view to identify the changes that would be required
  • Review of the Accounting systems as existing and the changes that would be required thereon in the new GST regime
  • Review of Information Technology (IT) systems as existing and the changes that would be required thereon in the new GST regime
  • Identify various aspects that would need to be intimated/resolved/reconfirmed with customers and suppliers/vendors
  • Studying implications of the change on the organizational cash flows
  • Assisting in the preparation of a detailed checklist for GST administration
  • Identifying and examination of possible areas where there could be concerns of litigation/ambiguity and advising on related matters/strategies to be followed
  • Organizing intermediate and advanced training programs for groups of employees based on specific organizational needs
  • Understanding transitional GST provisions and advising/assisting clients in their proper understanding and ailment of the benefits as permissible
  • Providing Opinions on specific matters-Examining specific matters/issues referred to by clients and providing our specialized opinions thereon
  • GST Compliances and GST Statutory Audit.